This service is focused primarily on the statistics of teams during the whole season, as well as on the current physical teams’ form and meetings between them. The service has acquired a reputation as a successful analytical segment, capable of very accurately calculation of the probable match percentage, because it deals with the basic statistical parameters in its calculations.

Very often the superficial analysis of team’s form is not enough. Sometimes team plays disgustingly during the season, but the last games this team increases its temp and starts routing all rivals. It is possible that it happened because of the right solution found in the team composition or in a new coach, sponsor and player. But many people do not take it into account by global analysis. They pay their attention sooner on what place is the team in the championship. This service does not miss it. Figuring out the key results for the calculation the probability of occurrence of one or another event, service corrects the data based on the last teams’ games. It gives more accurate prediction for the match.

Let’s pay our attention to the examples. There are represented all matches of one game day with the high percentage results for a home win:
Pay attention to the home team odds. Not all of them are favorites in the matches, but they won. And no statistical position in the ranking or no head-to-head meetings earn you such interest. Only all this factors together could give you such percent.

For example, it may be said also about percentage of total. Goals in matches are a special theme for reflection and analytics. And the service copes with them very well.

There are several criterions for betting on, based on percentage which service shows

According to statistics, the most favorable percentage for outcomes is percentage from 60 % and more, for a total more than 0.5 (i.e., that it will be scored at least one goal in the match) – from 90 % and more. For a total more than 1.5 (that it will be scored 2 or more goals in the match) – from 80 % and more. And for total more than 2.5 (it will be scored 3 or more goals in the match) – from 70 % and more.

Of course, it happens that the forecast shows a recommendation for one result, and eventually it happens to the contrary - but it is sport. And any service cannot guarantee you 100% success in your enterprise.

Regardless of the rules, using this service with analytics of other services, it will be reached a positive result.