It’s a service, which includes a variety of forecasts, calculated by the modified and most profitable Internet formulas and strategies. Also for better results all formulas were improved, combined with others, modified and tested.

The service is constantly updated. It is renewed with new forecasts and its indicators are also improved. At this stage there more types of football forecasts - «First goal» ( goal in the first time) , Total 2.5 (it means that it will be scored more or less than 3 goals) and Trend.

The first forecast “First goal” (goal in the first time) can take on two values ​​: either Goal – it means it will be a goal in the first time, or Unknown.

To see all matches in which the service gives a goal in the 1st time, you just should click on the title «First goal», and the service will classify the entire matches table according to the forecast.

There is the second forecast in the service Total 2.5 ( it will be scored 3 or more goals or not). The forecast can take 3 values: ​​Yes - under the condition, that it will be scored 3 or more goals in a match, No - that it will be scored at least 3 goals in the match and Unknown – i.e. the service cannot identify what match’s total will be.

To see all matches in which service gives the forecast for Total 2.5 you need only to click on the title “Total 2.5”, and the service will classify the entire matches table according to the forecast.

Another forecast - this Trend.
This forecast shows the probable outcome of the match in the form of 1 - Home Win, 2 - Away Win, 1X - Home Win or Draw, X2 -Away Win or Draw.
Calculation of the prediction is performed by the method of least squares. The basis of goal difference last five matches and their odds of winning teams. By fitting a straight line arrays factors and outcomes, the trend is calculated team, in accordance with this line for the specified array based on the current coefficient predictable match.
Based on the obtained values, calculated the estimated outcome of the match. This method of forecasting is still closed and know about it, very few.

Another type of forecasts - HANDICAP.
Here You can see the forecast for the team's victory in the match.
This forecast proved themselves on the course. Unfortunately the coefficients are low for victory - but at the expense of a good percentage pass this forecast will give a guaranteed profit. The forecast is focused on odds given by the bookmakers.

Of course, it happens that the forecast shows a recommendation for one result, and eventually it happens to the contrary - but it is sport. And any service cannot guarantee you 100% success in your enterprise.

Regardless of the rules, using this service with analytics of other services, it will be reached a positive result.