Service is a table of forecasts from various marques . Each marque has its preferences in the event for the forecast and the coefficient on the bid . Use this service is very simple. Either you agree with the marque and put wherever it offers , or simply ignore his preference .
In the column , you can see Kapper login marque that offers bet. Previously, you can read the passage at the rates given the marque , and maybe it will help you decide to choose bet. Should or should not be guided by predictions of this marque .
Before adding privateers in service, we carefully viewed their statistics , and at the time of the decision to add a service Kapper, all marques that got us in the service , were in the black , if you play exclusively on where they put the offer . Each marque tested for 1-3 months.
You can sort the table by any column. Coefficients indicated in column Kf, taken at the time of proposal privateer forecast. Types of bets (Bet) may take the following form:
O0.5 ( 1) - 1 goal in Half
O0.5 - goal of the match
O1.5 - total more than 1.5 in match
O2.5 - total more than 2.5 in match
1 - a home win in the match
X - X in a match
2 - away win in the match
The service will be expanded with a new successful privateers . If marque will show a bad pass for a long time , this marque will be excluded from the service.
Do not blindly trust the forecasts . We advise you to verify the information on matches , which offer their bids privateers . And only if you agree completely with the proposed privateers options - put.