The service is intended for playing on match’s total during the game. That is the service is created for playing online.

The entire service consists of the percentage probabilities of one or another match’s total. This percentage varies from account to account.

This probability depends on many factors: whether the favorite wins or loses, how often teams leave the field without scoring or conceding a goal, the last forms of the team, the statistical goal scoring time (in minutes), popular scores and many other factors .

To know if you should bet on one more goals or not, it takes only to follow the percentage stated in the service table.

The service looks as follows:

O0.5_1 - the probability that it will be scored at least one goal in the 1st time

O0.5 - the probability that it will be scored at least 1 goal in the match

O1.5 - the probability that it will be scored at least 2 goals in the match

O2.5 - the probability that it will be scored at least 3 goals in the match

O3.5 - the probability that it will be scored at least 4 goals in the match

O4.5 - the probability that it will be scored at least 5 goals in the match

History – the history of percentage by various scores

The History is useful because you can see what percentage was in the match before the scoring goal.

To see the story, click on the Show in the column History opposite to match of your interest and then the history of match’s score will open:
In the history it was reflected the statistics, the minute when the score changed in the match, as well as percentages in the service, which were formed at the same time.

As recommendation for using this service we would like to note a few basic rules:

- take the first goal if O0.5_1, O1.5 and O2.5 highlighted in "green" i.e. its rating is higher than 65%.

- for other totals pay attention only to the "green" percentage, i.e. all percentages more than 65%.

- play total only when also the next total is highlighted in "green", i.e. if we know that it is now a match and score, for example 1-0, then take “Total more than 1.5” only if percentages for O1.5 and O2.5 exceed the mark of 65% (highlighted in green).

- play for another goal only no later 70 minutes into the match!!!

Use these not difficult rules and you ensure guaranteed yourself a great game online!

Let’s come to the the examples:
As you can see from the example, in this match we take total more than 0.5 (because O0.5, O1.5 and O2.5 are highlighted in "green";)

When the score was 1-0, we took total more than 1.5 (because it was less than 70 minutes into the match, and O1.5 and O2.5 are highlighted in "green";)

In the following example:
At the beginning of the match we took the total more than 0.5. When it was scored a goal 20 minutes into the match and the score was 0-1, we took the total more than 1.5, but when it was 1-1 64 minutes into the match, we did not take more than 2.5, because for O3.5 percentage is not highlighted in "green"!

Although the goal was scored – in any way, it will more often no goal.

We also advise to wait for the first goal, and already then play from total more than 1.5.

Of course, it happens that the forecast shows a recommendation for one result, and eventually it happens to the contrary - but it is sport. And any service cannot guarantee you 100% success in your enterprise.

Regardless of the rules, using this service with analytics of other services, it will be reached a positive result.