It’s a service which displays the percentage of base events in the match based on lines of the already completed matches with the odds of the same championship.

Imagine a database, in which are recorded more than 1 million records of matches’ lines and its results. Service compares each line of the upcoming match with the database of the same championship and shows percentages of outcomes and totals for it.

For example, take the championship match of Italy. Serie A: Lazio vs Milan. There are the following odds for the match outcome: 2.25 for home win, 3.8 for draw in a match, 2.45 for away win. Choose from a database of previous matches of Italy all matches in which the odds for the outcome of the match were the same as that we have considered, i.e. 2.25, 3.8 and 2.45. We found 39 matches such as these in the database. The home team won 27 of them, 9 matches ended in a draw, and away team won 3 the matches. In 34 games there were scored less than 3 goals (i.e., total less than 2.5) and in 5 matches there were scored more than 3 goals (i.e., total more than 2.5). In the end, the service will show us the following data for this match: Home win = 62 %, Draw = 23%, Away Win = 15%, Total less than 2.5 = 87 %, Total more than 2.5 = 13%. The Number of matches = 39.

Of course, the higher the percentage, the more likely that event happens, but also you need consider the number of found for the analysis matches. Optimally, there should be 5 or more.

The number of matches, found for this or that percentage, is indicated in brackets next to the percentage.

Let's look at the one day example, where I chose the high percentage for a home win:


The best odds for these examples will be all percentages are more than 70 %, by which in brackets it is indicated the number of matches from 5 and more. So, the first and the third match would be better to exclude, and you should bet relying only on the service, because they found only one match that is not enough for analysis. Another thing is the match number 2 which shows 100% for a home win, while in the championship there already were nine such matches and in all of them the home team won. The next time with such odds in this championship the service will show 100% for a home win, but in brackets will be already the number 10, because this match also gets under the search filter.

For the analysis fits every event in the service. For example consider one day for away win:
Of course, the first match, although he has fitted, I would exclude because it was found only one match in this championship with the same match line.

Of course, it happens that the forecast shows a recommendation for one result, and eventually it happens to the contrary - but it is sport. And any service cannot guarantee you 100% success in your enterprise.

Regardless of the rules, using this service with analytics of other services, it will be reached a positive result.