It is a service that monitors the line movement of the bookmaker office. It shows all odds changes for the main types of bets. The line movement is the indicative statistics of match analysis, because significant changes of odds often indicate placing a bet on so-called "smart money", which are worth or not worth to be followed. It depends on odds movement.

Odds movements are shown with the arrow next to which the motion percentage was written. The green arrow and the percentage denote the odds falling, and the red arrow and the percentage denote the increasing of odds. The percentage indicates the value of odds movement. For example, if the odd was 2.40 and then fell to 1.95, the service will show us the green arrow next to the odd 1.95 and writes 19%. It means that the odd fell by 19%.

You should pay attention to the significant percentage, from 10 % and more. Although the intermediate values (to 10% ) ​​are also very useful and usually help in bet choosing. In any way, the more the movement, the more serious backgrounds. For example, the match the Dnepr – PSV in the Europa League: it was recorded dropping odds by 74%. When watching carefully the match, it became clear, where is the second team of PSV. It means that the coach of Dutch club fielded a second team that is naturally lost.

For quick search such significant changes in the matches, in service was integrated convenient filter:
By default it is set on All. If you chose a filter Offsets only, the service will leave matches in which there were any changes. If you select the check box > 10%, in the table there will be only games in which there are changes from 10% or more. The check box > 20 % means from 20 % and more.

Also by clicking on the table headers, the service will filter the table in ascending or descending order. It is very convenient to instantly watch any category of percentage for a definite outcome of the match.

You can bet on focusing only on the falling of a single value, for example, on the home win:
Or on away win:
But in any case you should follow a few basic rules. You can identify it by referring to the statistics. There are the most effective conditions for the work with this service:

1 ) Play only by the dropping odds.

2 ) Percentage of dropping should be from 10 % or higher.

3) Bet only on home or away win, except draws and totals.

4) On the opposite event it must be increasing of odds more or equal to the falling, that is, for example if the dropping odds of home win is 13% , it must be increasing by 13% or more of away win.

5) Play on the national championships, except cups, playoffs, friendly and international matches.

6) If the odd for the fall is more than 3.0, bet carefully on draws

We show these conditions again on the examples:
There are all dropping odds on a home win, meanwhile there are increasing odds on away win, and the percentage of increasing is higher than the percentage of dropping. There are all matches of the championship, except one which is only failed - an international match, in which the youth teams of Slovenia and Estonia met.

Another example of one day:
Of course, it happens that the forecast shows a recommendation for one result, and eventually it happens to the contrary - but it is sport. And any service cannot guarantee you 100% success in your enterprise.

Regardless of the rules, using this service with analytics of other services, it will be reached a positive result.