As follows from the name, this service is based on the series of commands.

The service itself is divided into two modes - Series and Statistics.

The first mode is "Series":

In this mode it is indicated presumable outcome of the match after the certain series of commands. It is implemented in the following way:

It was taken the last 25 games of every team and wrote down as series chain

For the first team:


For the second team:


Now take the last 5 games in the chain and try to find the same series in this chain.


As you can see, the first team had such series and after it the team won the next match. So, the following meanings will be written in the table:

W = 1 , D = 0 , L = 0 , Serie = 5 (because it was taken series of 5 games)

If there isn’t the 5 –match series, the service will take 4 –match series etc. under 1.

Of course it would be better if the series was maximal, namely 5.

Now let's see the values ​​for the second team:


As you can see, there already were two of the same five -match series. And both times after it the team lost. There will be the following results for values in the table:

W = 0 , D = 0 , L = 2 , Serie = 5

Then the general picture for the match will be the following:

Home team: W = 1 Serie = 5 Away team : L = 2 Serie = 5

The favorable event, based on the series of commands, will be victory of the home team.

Let's look at the examples:


I've sorted out a few one day matches, where I found contradictory results. So, if the home team’s next match according to the series should be won, the away team’s match on the contrary should be lost. As you can see, it happened so.

Let's look at the following example. I sorted it out by the number of winning matches after series of away team:

As you can see, there appears not only a home team’s win but also other values. But if you look into matches in detail, you can implement it in the following way.

We should hold the following rules:
Add Home team’s wins to the Away team’s defeats, Home team’s defeats to the Away team’s wins, Home team’s draws to away team’s draws .

the 1-st match: 4 home team’s wins, 2 draws - forecast 1X ( because there were no Home team’s defeats)

the 2-nd match: 5 home team’s wins, 1 draws - forecast 1X (because there were no Home team’s defeats)

the 3-d match: 3 home team’s wins, 1 draws, 1 defeat - forecast SKIP THE MATCH

the 4-th match: 3 home team’s wins, 2 draws - forecast 1X (because there were no Home team’s defeats)

the 5-th match: 2 home team’s wins, 1 draws, 2 defeat - forecast SKIP THE MATCH

The second mode - "Statistics"

This mode displays the series of teams playing in the choosing day. This information is useful primarily for those who plays in the following way: increase the bet by 2 times, after a failure.

For example, the well-known fact that no team in any year and in any league played without at least one draws - is unquestionable. So you can look at what the team plays long series without draws – and bet for this team till it would be draws. Or if some team hasn’t played for a long time like to score at least one goal. In general, it could be find a lot of such conditions - and this mode will help you for it. It is created in a very easy way, everything is divided into columns.

WS - winning series
DS - draws- series
LS - losing series
WD – without defeat series
DL – without wins series
WL – without draws series
O0.5 - series when in the match it was scored or missed 1 or more goals
O1.5 - series when in the match it was scored or missed 2 or more goals
O2.5 - series when in the match it was scored or missed 3 or more goals

Attack is series when both teams scored at least one goal
Defence is series, when the team missed at least one goal

As you can see, it’s real easy and very helpful. As an example let’s consider several matches:
As we see in the first match, away team has been playing for 7 games without missing at least one goal. As a result it again missed at once 2 goals. In the second match take the bet for O0.5. For long time teams haven’t played 0-0, meanwhile Monaco has been scoring at least one goal for 11 matches running. As a result, again it’s 0-0 and one goal from Monaco.

Of course, it happens that the forecast shows a recommendation for one result, and eventually it happens to the contrary - but it is sport. And any service cannot guarantee you 100% success in your enterprise.

Regardless of the rules, using this service with analytics of other services, it will be reached a positive result