Service is aimed at the average figures for the season over the last three years. If you divide all the matches of the season championship on any specific layer , based only on the coefficients of the outcome of the match - you will notice that every year gets about the same percentages of wins , draws and guests , as well as total goals matches. The error between the seasons is 2-6 %.
Based on this - you can calculate the current percentages have not yet finished the season and compare it with the average figures for the last three years a particular tournament.
This service is also is engaged . It shows how much ahead or behind the averages for the current season . Because of this , we can expect one or another of developments in any of the championship matches .
For example, if the current season of the Championship matches for England , with a limit of roughly equal coefficients opponents scored 63% wins , 17% draws and 20% Away team wins , then equating them to the average percentage for the season - namely 43% wins , 33 % draws and 24 % Away Wins , we can conclude that we have goes bust wins by 20% shortfall draws 15% and a very small shortfall Wins , namely 4%. This suggests that the hosts win in these games ( where contestants from the coefficients are about the same ) must stop and it's time draws and sometimes victories guests. The regular rate for this X2 that the hosts do not win .
Just want to note that minor deviations from the average , do not take as a reference. This is only the direction of the development of seasonal patterns of a particular season. The higher the deviation from the average - the higher the probability of its occurrence !
A simple example where I took as a basis large deviations Wins (shortfall percent ) - that is, games in which the owners have gone far beyond the average figures , and it's time to win guests.

As you can see , here the guests huge shortfall victories. I took one day matches , where the shortfall from the average for the season above 60 %.
Green and down arrow shows the service " shortfall ", then there is a backlog of current percent of the average for the season . That is - it is a favorable event for bets on it (again, depends on how strong) . Red arrow and up - service indicates that the event is " brute force ", ie the excess of average figures - it rates for adverse events .
The closer to the end of the season , the greater the likelihood that favorable events played since ahead is not so a lot of games that could fall into the same category by the coefficients that are already there to bring interest to the average .
As mentioned earlier , the higher the deviation , the higher the probability of occurrence . Let's look at an example of how it looks :
In the third match on top of already significant bust Wins in games of this type 41% , but again win the guests , and a logical result would be a draw , well, or in extreme cases, a home win . The fact that the league is not so long ago started and still have plenty of matches - the figures come to normal. Yet, if the play is always such large deviations here - you will come to a nice plus.
The remaining matches are lowering their "bust" and get " shortfalls ."

As a recommendation, offer you put on " shortfalls " of 60 % or higher on the victory of the hosts or guests , and 45 % for the draw.
As an example, let's draw a day :

As you can see , all three matches ended in a draw in the end , although the second and third games , I would advise to put a safety net to win ratings , because there is also a " shortage " of 22%.

We also recommend that play on a home win or guests in which they are favorites on coefficients and while they have a significant " shortfall " Interest .

As you can see , here as a favorite and thus with the " shortfalls " in the away win is suitable only last match , the rest were autsayderami , although the very first match played . And others could play - just the expectation they are much smaller.
So it is better to win more often , small amounts less than , but with good odds . All this can be calculated using other services of our Center .
Of course, it does happen that the forecast shows a recommendation for one , and ultimately achieve the opposite - but it is sport . And not one service does not give you 100 % guarantee success in your venture.
Regardless of the rules - using this service , along with other intelligence services , will reach a positive result.