"Solar totals" in the service of the Radar.

Want to tell a little bit about innovation in service Radar, namely the system highlights some of the cells in yellow. What they mean and how to use them? Illumination occurs in cells of the totals match, if this total funds are placed more than all the outcomes of the match together. For convenience, I have called these the highlighted totals - solar, because they are highlighted in yellow.

What does it do and what does it mean? Everything is simple. Often in matches where it is unclear who will win, to determine how many goals will be scored much easier, thereby forming such "solar totals". And this should be guided in playing these games, but with some conditions.

1. In the highlighted cell must be a minimum of 1000 $. That information was correct, it would be possible to trust, you need to enlist the support of funds raised in total. As often illiquid (unpopular) matches on all outcomes (1-X-2) which put together $100, and total, for example, greater than 1.5, the amount is$130. Such rates cannot be trusted and be guided by them.

2. Play all "sunshine totals" minus one goal. That is, if we have highlighted total over 2.5, do we bet on Total Over 1.5. If the highlighted Total Over 1.5, play Total Over 0.5. And only when lit total score greater than 0.5 we focus Total Over 0.5

To make it clearer and clearer - please refer to the examples:

Here the sum on Total Over 0.5 above almost 10 times than the amount on the victory of the hosts, guests and draw together. Therefore, play Total Over 0.5

Exactly the same situation. And we play again on goal in the match.

In this example, the amount of Total Over 0.5 less than 1000 $, therefore a bet on goal in the match we will not do!

Here we have highlighted two of the total. Total Over 0.5 and Total Over 2.5, but as you can see, the amount of leave much to be desired ... to take even a goal.

And here, on Total Over 1.5 is satisfactory amount, and therefore, suitable for bets on goal in the match!

To remove non-us bet, we will use the common filter by deploying 1000.

And all the little sum of solar totals" will disappear immediately, and will not distract our attention! And will only have these:

And again we will supply rate Total Over 0.5 in the match.

Here we have a "solar total" Total Over 2.5. So focus immediately Total Over 1.5 for 1.28!

The losses in this system are extremely rare, but still happen.

This article shall not be a policy move Your game plan according to the system described above. All information is given as a useful informational content and is given as a variant of the game service Radar.

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