Result in the service Radar - predicted the exact score of the match

Happy to announce that service Radar there is a new section (box) Results. It supports popular table accounts matches with indicators placed on them funds and a percentage of the total market Result. How to successfully use and what to pay attention - I want to share this article.

So. Open service Radar. Choose the sport Football.

After downloading the games. Select the check box labeled Results.

After data processing, we will see a table with the following content:

It presents accounts and the list of matches. Under each account matches is information about what the coefficient on this account, but on this score set cash, as well as what percentage of all funds is precisely on this account.

But again, the percentage may be high (look at the score 1-2 in the first leg, with 85% of all funds in all accounts), but we also need to consider the amount of money put it on the account.

For selection of these matches, we will use the filter that is in service. Let me remind you, this filter leaves all the matches have at least one of the columns will not sum within the range of "from" and "to", specified by You.

I propose to leave the games in which balances are amounts above 1000 $.

Therefore, the filter I ask from 1000 to 100000000 $


Thus from the entire list of game I have only 4 games that fit the parameters:

What now should pay attention to?

Of course, this percent. What accounts the highest interest. Personally, I stick to the same strategy.

I take the first three accounts, starting from the highest. But, the percentage shall be no lower than 8%. If I, for example, the first score 47%and the second ascending 7%, in this game I'll take a bet for one account only, which is 47%.

So. Let's look at the matches. I specifically took the matches that have been completed to show what I bet was made and how eventually ended the match.

First match:

Let's take the first three positions in terms of percentage:

This is the score 1-0, 2-1 and 2-2(because it is 8%). If, say 2-2 would be the percentage of 7%, then I would take this match only two bets on the correct score is 1-0 and 2-1.

So. As you can see, the teams played 1-0, and we played a factor of 10. Minus two losing bets on the accounts 2-1 and 2-2, we get a net profit of 700%.

Now let's look at the second match:

I took only one bet on the score 1-1, since all the rest were less than 8%, and it means to take other account to play the lottery. It is better to risk 100% of the profit than 300%, playing the lottery. Well, as you can see, our rate of 21% on the score 1-1 successfully passed and we again earned 390%.

Consider the third match from the list:

Somewhat surprising result for me from Germany. I would rather have thought that the Germans will win 2-0 or 3-1, but not 0-0. But, deceived CLEARLY decreased odds for 0-0 score. In the end, +350%.

And the last match, anglica. In England always much bet on correct score, so they have a lot of liquid matches:

I got 3 accounts 1-1, 2-1 and 2-2. And again +700%.

To sum up the day: We put 10 bets on 4 match. Earned 700+390+350+700 = 2140 % from bet. That is putting a fixed rate of $ 20 to the account, we would have earned 428 $ for this game day.

Just want to note that watching the account you 30 or less minutes before the start of the match. By the time the market has already formed and interest will not change much.

Well, to know what the match may be appropriate - see pre-liquid matches, then it will be clear where there can be such rate.

This article shall not be a policy move Your game plan according to the system described above. All information is given as a useful informational content and is given as a variant of the game service Radar.

If You have questions, or if You have something to add to the article, then please contact us at their wishes, share practical tips, strategies of the game. Give your own decisions about additions, modifications and corrections of our Center. And we will try to make our Analytical Center most convenient, informative and effective.