Choose the outcome of the system LIMA

In this article I want to share with You the system that I called LIMA. This name is given in capital letters table rows services for the match. It uses 4 of the service. L (Line)I(Inform), M(Merlin), A(Analytic). Line is the line on the outcome of the match, i.e. the coefficients on the victory of the hosts, guests and draw.

The system is designed to play on the outcome of the match.

To use this system very simple and does not require any difficult calculations. Everything is done visually.

To immediately understand what I mean, let's look at an example of the match.

As you can see, the hosts won. Let's try to parse this match according to the system of LIMA. To do this, imagine this table

Using this table, we will select the most likely outcome for this match. In blank cells, we will have a designated distribution lines services.

So. The first line of the L (Line), distributed space on outcomes, according to the coefficients. From the very small to the very large. The smallest coefficient and 1 - home win 2,30. Then goes away win - 2.85. And on the third place is a tie at 3.45.

In the end the first line we will be:

The second line is determined by the values of service I(Inform). Accordingly, the 1st place will get the outcome that the largest percentage, and the last, which is the smallest.

It turns out that we have on the line I will be 1-3-2 ( 50%-20%-30% ).

Similarly, with other rows. But, correspondingly, the values for the row M(Merlin) and for line A(Analytic).

In the end, the match we get the following table:

Now you need to assign points to each row multiplied by the weighting. So for 1 row (Line) factor = 1. For the second row (Inform) = 2. And respectively for 3 and 4-line odds will be 3 for Merlin and 4 for Analytic.

Regarding points for 1st place will be given 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place - 1 point.

In the end we will succeed

Counting the total of the outcomes, we obtain the probability 30-10-20 that percentage will look like 50%-17%-33%.


We play for the victory of the hosts or guests, if the victory of the hosts or guests all first places and recruited 50% on the total.

Thus, we are the perfect match as the game on the home win.

BUT! Error can You be, if You find that you need to look at places for all services on the home win, say, and if all of them first (on all lines), then the victory will be 50%!

This is not the case. Why I wrote the first match in the form of tables.

Imagine the situation that we have on the distribution of seats Inform service shows 33% for all outcomes. It turns out that all three outcomes of equal value and deserve the first place. In this case, the table will look like:

And then the interest on the total amount will be 45%-21%-33%, which means that the victory of the hosts 50%!

BUT! I said that this system does not require any calculations, though counted there is already a lot. Adhering to the basic rules You will be visually and easily identify the victory of the hosts or guests.

The criteria is very simple:

1. Look to a home win was the smallest coefficient and service Inform, Merlin and Analytic were the greatest interest. That none of the services there are no duplicate values!!! No matter what. On the draw and away win, home win and away win, home win and a draw. All values must be DIFFERENT!

2. Condition important: service Merlin, on the outcomes (in parentheses) amount found these matches must be at least 5. That is, when adding up all values of 1, X and 2 were obtained is not lower than 5. For our example we get 7+3+6 = 16, which is not less than 5. Therefore suitable.

Look the example:

Here on the home win ratio is the smallest is 1 place, service Merlin, Analytic and Inform the largest values - no duplicate values on outcomes in services - CONCLUSION - home win at 1.90.

Another example:

All services indicated in the first place masters, other outcomes - draw and away win are distinct from each other and from the home victory. Conclusion: we put on the home win at 1.85.

And just to make it clear, let's see another example:

Here all nice and get a home win.

I want to check the laws of the game for a draw in the match, but that should be considered in the tables as described above. When the total amount on the draw above 35% - you can bet that will be a draw in the match.

Here are a few examples of how to calculate these matches:


As you can see the percentage obtained 37-40-23. As for the draw percentage is 40%, this is higher than 35% - hence liquid rate will bet on draw at 3.35.

Another example:


This article is not a recommendation of the game, relying solely on the described strategy. This article shall not be a policy move Your game plan according to the system described above. All information is given as a useful informational content and is given as a variant of the game on various services.

If You have questions, or if You have something to add to the article, then please contact us at their wishes, share practical tips, strategies of the game. Give your own decisions about additions, modifications and corrections of our Center. And we will try to make our Analytical Center most convenient, informative and effective.