What service Grimbets.com should the beginner to start his work with?

Actually there are a lot of services and each of them has its own modes of operation, functions and methods of application. If you are "the beginner" in the world of bets, the first thing you need to understand is the terminology of players in the bookmaker offices or stock exchanges. For this purpose there were created a large number of articles and other educational material, as well as every bookmaker office should have this information in the general set of rules. Just read it. 

If you know it and are ready to make money betting on various sports events, the next plan of our Analytical Center will help you in selecting the service you needed. 

So, how to choose the service?

1.In the beginning, you need to pay attention to what sport is closer to you, that you can make money in it with our Analytical Center. Do you know the system of competitive process of this sport, its rules, various disputes during the events, etc. If it is football, you need to choose the service that is intended exactly for this sport.

To determine which service is appropriate for a specific sport, at the top of the tab "Services" it was created a special filter which can help you easily to know it. To do it, choose the sport you are interested, for example, Football, and the filter highlights you all services that correspond to it.

2.After you found out what services suite for your sport, you should familiarize yourself with each of it and read the manual. For it you simply click on the service you are interested in and select the tab "Manual", which explains how the service works, what shows and how it is better to handle these data.  It is necessary to define clear and correctly the main point of the service: what it shows, how it works, look at the statistics for any period of its work, using for it choice of date. 

If you understand all this things and what the service shows, how to use these data - safely activate it and start working. 

If you do not understand how to use the data of this service, or you do not completely understand something, it is better to refrain from activating. Eventually, all this things will be completely clear for you when you, as they say "smell powder" in the World of bets, but for a while you should look for something simpler. 

The main point of this article is to show the easiest way to determine which service will be useful for you at the moment. If you think that you need just statistics of the latest team’s games, head-to-head meetings and standings - you are wrong. It is not enough. It’s, of course, the basis of the analysis, but not a postulate, which must be followed. Each service, presented by our Center, is interesting and urgent in its own way. The only question is how much it is interested for you and what do you need. 

Of course, the better for you is to activate all the services immediately and rely on all of its data. But anyway, let me briefly tell you what each of services is doing, and how easier to work with them. 

Inform is a free service that shows the percentage probability for the outcome and total of the match, based on Bayes' theorem. It’s a theorem from the probability theory course. I’m not saying that it’s very effective, but as a rule it’s rarely mistaken with large percentages. 

Totalo is a free service for those who play on match’s total. Service is divided into two forecasts: Step1 and Step2.  The first forecast takes on value from -10 to +10. The higher the number, i.e. the closer the number to 10, the bigger the probability of scoring more goals. And the lower the number, i.e. less than 0, the greater the probability that it will be 0-0 in the match. The second forecast shows the probability of goals scored in the match. That is, if the step2 = 2,73, it means that according to the forecast it will be 3 goals in the match, because 2.73 goals is almost 3. For playing in this service I advise you that both forecasts are going in the same direction. That is, if the step1 = 5.75, the second one should be also more than 2.50 goals in the match. 

Scalper is a service showing all line changes in the match, i.e. changes in the coefficients since the beginning of its appearance in the office, at the current time. We advise to follow the events, which odds are falling. It means where there is a green arrow with the percentage of 10 and higher. 

Merlin is a service comparing the match according to its odds with the database of already completed matches. So, if we have a match of Argentina Championship with odds for home win are 2.25, for a draw - 4.1 and for away win - 3.7, the service will find in the matches database all Argentina Championship matches, which odds for home win are 2.25, for a draw - 4.1 and for away win - 3.7, look at its results and displays the percentage of home and away wins, draws, and totals according to the events of this category matches. 

Radar is a service showing on what people bet on the British stock exchange Betfair both in percentage and in money. You should sometimes focus on people, but without fanaticism. And you should take into account other important aspects of the analysis. 

Forecast is a service for those who do not want anything to analyze and calculate. There are ready forecasts for one goal in the first time, and for the outcome on the match’s total. As they say - take and use it. 

Values  ​​is a complicated service for the "beginners" because there is collected information on the average values for the three years. How often home team usually wins, how often home team won in this season and how much is shortage or surplus of the percentage for the event. With playing only on indicators that are behind the average you will make guaranteed a profit, because all figures eventually comes to an average for the season. Most effectively is using this service by the end of the season. 

Analytic is a service based on the teams statistics. But the statistics is not limited to the last five or six matches, and digs far down. So for the home team the service takes all the home’s games of the season, for away team all away team’s games, it is also calculated errors of the last teams form, head-to-head meetings, etc. On this basis it’s produced the overall forecast for the outcome and of match’s total. 

Series is a service, based on series of commands. It calculates how long is delayed any team’s series, how long it scores and misses. It all comes to forecasts by series as well as series without wins, defeats or draws, etc. 

Liver is a service for the game during the events on match’s total. It calculates the percentage probabilities of one more goal, two more goals, etc. It’s a very effective service for making money and easy for learning.

The simplest services are Liver and Forecast. Clear rules, described in the manuals, help to make stably money on bets.

 The services Merlin and Values can help you to find the biggest coefficients; they bring profits due to good coefficients. 

The most accurate predictions have Analytic and Radar. 

Scalper, Series, Totalo and Inform are auxiliary mechanisms in the analysis. The so-called correction services for selection of bet. 

What to choose for play on the football is your decision. Personally, I NEVER use only one service, and prefer to combine several services for a more accurate and efficient forecast. 

In the future, we will take up games strategy for services, methods and different nuances. Contact us by support@grimbets.com, send your wishes, and share useful advices and strategies of the game. Offer your decisions on entering of additions, improvements and updating of our Center. And we will try to do our Analytical Center the most comfortable, informative and efficient.