Service Series is a tool to win

Service Series is an auxiliary tool in sports forecasting, but in this article I want to show how you can still make use of this service, completely eliminating any other service, and have a good profit.

If You had carefully read the manual this service, then You should know that this tool is divided into two parts: Serie "" Series (forecast is on the outcome based on patterns of chain series teams and Stats  (win, win-win, draw, total and other series of commands).

I want to show how capable of help it is the second part of the service Stats. To do this, let's select Series service mode, Stats, Statistics, and put the box Split "Separator"

Let me remind you that this option (Split) breaks all the matches on a separate command to see the ability to sort on any of the settings in this mode.

I'm a long time have observed this phenomenon, as the duration and the length of the series on total games. That is, how long can last series, when the team plays matches, scoring and missing out the 1,2 or 3 goals. This, I remind you, the columns O0.5, O1.5 and O2.5 (the letter O ahead means Over, more). Accordingly O0.5 is greater than 0.5 in the game (1 goal and above), O1.5 - 2 goals or more in the match, and O2.5 - 3 goals and above.

And now, what pattern I noticed. If a team plays a series of matches in total more than 1.5 (O1.5), which is over 10 matches in a row, putting on the next match bet on Total Over 1.5(i.e. that will be scored 2 or more goals), we will have a positive trend in 93% of cases. Now let's turn on the simple math...

93% of the cases, 93 matches out of 100 will play matches on Total Over 1.5 (i.e. to hide in matches at least 2 heads). What factor us will be sufficient to putting on Total Over 1.5 we would be in profit? True, 1.08 and above. In other words, the coefficient on Total Over 1.5 was 1.08 or higher. Then, putting a fixed rate, say $100, we are after 100 matches will have a profit of 44$.

BUT! Where did you see such a low rate on Total Over 1.5?

Usually he quoted from 1.18 to 1.75 in the beginning of the match, exceptions are extremely rare. That is, even when the minimum ratio 1.18, we will have a profit 974$ at the rate of$ 100 at a distance of 100 matches.

How to find such matches? It is very simple. Chose the service Series, downloaded Football, chose we are interested in the date, after you download matches have selected the check box Stats, and when I loaded the table matches - put a check Split.

After downloading the table of commands and their series, click on the column O1.5, and sorted in descending order. Let me remind you that one click on a column header, the table is sorted in ascending order to turn it into a sort in descending order - just click again on the same column header.

Watch all the teams that have a series of matches with Total Over 1.5 from 10 and above. These matches us and will be interested to put them on Total Over.

Let's see an example of one day's play, with whom I have done all the steps above:

Matches that fit our conditions I have outlined in red. The result of these matches can be seen in the Score column. As you can see, in this day, all successfully passed, as all matches were scored 2 or more goals.

It is noteworthy that as a good increase in profits is a bet during the match, at the end of first half 0:0. But do we not already on Total Over 1.5, and on goal in the second half during the break. You can also add on another goal, if the first goal happened no later than 70 minutes of the match.

Other ways to augment this strategy you can think of many, all of them will take place.

I just still want to give a few criteria games goals in matches under certain series of commands that are most successful, and almost never lose.

Total Over 0.5 - will be goal in the match

Total Over 1.5 - 2 or more goals in the match

Total Over 2.5 will be 3 or more goals in the match

That is, the condition LS > 7 means that the team must be losing series of more than 7 matches, then we put on goal in the match. But, for example, the condition Attack > 19 means that series, when the team scored at least one goal must be higher than 19 games in a row, and if so, set that will be in the game scored at least one goal.

This article shall not be a policy move Your game plan according to the system described above. All information is given as a useful informational content and is given as a variant of the game service Series.

If You have questions, or if You have something to add to the article, then please contact us at their wishes, share practical tips, strategies of the game. Give your own decisions about additions, modifications and corrections of our Center. And we will try to make our Analytical Center most convenient, informative and effective.