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New forecast in service Forecast

10:11 PM 03.30.2015

New forecast is added In service Forecast on exact count "SC". The Essence of the forecast is concluded in that 10 home matches from home and 10 last away matches of the plays of the guests and it is considered the average factors. As command at the average rams and misses. Then got given are corrected by last form of the commands in match, but in the same way difference count. read more...

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World ranking of football clubs

01:06 AM 01.29.2015

We have added to all football clubs in the World ranking!
It helps to determine forces opponents. Especially when playing friendlies clubs from different countries.
If command is not specified place in the World - then place it above 4500, because the rankings at 4500 clubs in the World.

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Discount from New Year

02:41 PM 12.21.2014

Only for 22 to 29 December 2014

- 30% discount on subscription by period 1 year
- 20% discount on subscription by period 6 months
- 10% discount on subscription by period 3 months
- 5% discount on subscription by period 1 month

Have time to get the New year's Bonus for victories in approaching year!!!

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Added a new payment method on the website - PayPal

08:14 PM 11.24.2014

We are glad to inform that now payment we accept as funds via PayPal
A new kind of shopping can be done now through this system!

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Add new type forecast from service Forecast

02:13 PM 09.16.2014

In service Forecast added a new type of forecasts - HANDICAP.
Here You can see the forecast for the team's victory in the match.
This forecast proved themselves on the course. Unfortunately the coefficients are low for victory - but at the expense of a good percentage pass this forecast will give a guaranteed profit

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New Cappers

10:45 PM 09.01.2014

In the service Kapper, new coppery. Sunny - capper who puts on the total of the match in football and Rider puts on the total and the outcome of the match.
Preliminary statistics showed good results, look, how do these coppery on the real test.

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Strategy LIMA

12:04 AM 08.26.2014

Due to numerous requests, we have implemented a strategy on the outcome of the match LIMA, described here as an extra service. Note that to view this add - on requires that You have connected the services Merlin and Analytic. read more...

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Balls - forecasters

10:07 PM 08.01.2014

In the modes of the sport when selecting an event is added to the forecasts of the services Kapper and Bettor.... read more...

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Problems with the availability of the site

12:33 AM 07.27.2014

Dear site users !
As You probably noticed today (July 26) were serious problems with the operation of the site. Our site has recently become very popular. Along with the influx of new interested users appears, and many different enemies, who due to some reasons are trying to hinder the stable work of our analytical center. on July 26, was sufficiently powerful DDOS attack on our servers, which caused serious problems in site work.
We make every effort to prevent such attacks in the future. All subscriptions are active on July 26, will be extended for 2 days.

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Qualitative forecasts in Bettor service

01:35 PM 06.28.2014

In this article we want to tell how to get qualitative forecast or to earn by yourself making qualitative forecasts.
In order to earn or to get qualitative forecast, let ‘s address to Bettor service , at which any client of our center can realize it without problem. To do this let’s go to Bettor service and decide what we are going to get from it: to by qualitative forecast or to sell qualitative forecast....

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