Problems with the availability of the site


Dear site users !
As You probably noticed today (July 26) were serious problems with the operation of the site. Our site has recently become very popular. Along with the influx of new interested users appears, and many different enemies, who due to some reasons are trying to hinder the stable work of our analytical center. on July 26, was sufficiently powerful DDOS attack on our servers, which caused serious problems in site work.
We make every effort to prevent such attacks in the future. All subscriptions are active on July 26, will be extended for 2 days.

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Qualitative forecasts in Bettor service


In this article we want to tell how to get qualitative forecast or to earn by yourself making qualitative forecasts.
In order to earn or to get qualitative forecast, let ‘s address to Bettor service , at which any client of our center can realize it without problem. To do this let’s go to Bettor service and decide what we are going to get from it: to by qualitative forecast or to sell qualitative forecast....

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Technical work on the website


Dear users, due to the technical works on updating our website will be temporarily unavailable during 30-60 minutes from 00 hours on June 20 Moscow time.
Thank you for understanding.

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Discounts of 30% in connection with the 2014 world Cup


In connection with the start of the World Cup in Brazil, we do a 30% discount on all services on 13 June! read more...

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What is the weather on the match?


Glad to report that section Football added weather forecast for matches. Now you can see favors if the weather? After all, we all know that rain, snow or heat can greatly affect the outcome of the match, especially on many goals... read more...

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Seize the moment! Connect!


While a discount of 20% for connection to all services ... in a hurry to connect and maximize savings on connecting our services.
Offer will be valid until June 1, 2014!
Seize the moment!

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We hasten to tell you about the process of earning on our site by attracting new users. Every customer of our service have a referral link, which is located in the section My page ... read more...

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System ToLive


In this article, I want to share a strategy game in the course of matches. For work, we need 3 service Liver, Totalo and Forecast.
The strategy is to play on total goals. We put on, suitable for all system ToLive, matches ...

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New Totals from Radar


I want to talk a little bit about innovation when Radar, namely, the system highlights certain cells in yellow. What do they mean and how to use them? Illumination occurs in cells of total goals of the match, if the active total funds taken more than a match for all outcomes combined. For convenience, I call such illuminated Totals - solar, because they are highlighted in yellow .... read more...

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It came the time to launch our Sports Analytical Center to new step of development. And new step is always expensive and hard way. So, from 23 of May 2014 our Sports Analytical Center begins to work on commercial platform. read more...

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