Carefully. Crooks!


Strange programs are increasingly began to appear on the network. The developers of this software is not particularly worried about what will happen with this software then, if the information of the program is not blocked. Important - more cut the dough until it works and until such a stir. read more...

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System LIMA for Odds


In this article I want to share with you the system that I called LIMA. This name is given by capital letters table rows services for the match. It uses 4 service. L (Line), I (Inform), M (Merlin), A (Analytic) ... read more...

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New Service - Bettor


In our center, a new service that allows customers to express themselves in the Centre as Kapper. read more...

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Live Strategy


Article about the game at football matches during the match. Strategy game read more...

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All services added checkbox "Betfair"


All services added checkbox "Betfair". This check box allows you to leave the service in the tables matches only matches that are available for betting on the English Exchange Betfair. read more...

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Statistics Kapper service


Bring to your attention Statistics Kapper service since the beginning of 2014. read more...

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New service Kapper


Pleased to present you new service Kapper, which will consist of forecast different cappers. The different types of the rates will enter In service on the most different matches.
On each of cappers You may direct the statistics his good profit, but in the same way some types of the rates, shown capper, can comply with that that you themselves thought to put, but distrust, hereunder coincidence of the forecast with forecast capper will possible help you in taking the correct decision on chosen to rate.

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New forecast in service Forecast


The service Forecast added a new type of predictions - Trend. read more...

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New Filter to service Radar


The service Radar added a new filter that allows you to sort all the matches of amounts under the Betfair markets. read more...

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Added "Strange bets" in the service Radar


Are happy to announce the button "Strange bets" mode Radar, which show strange infusion of funds for matches... read more...

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